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"It operates as an image as you walk around it, but it’s also deeply physical. That duality—and the emotion that is brought up by that—is the thing that I am most interested in."
—Erin Shirreff

New film in New York Close Up: Artist Erin Shirreff discusses sculptor Tony Smith as an inspiration for a pair of works: her first video work, Sculpture Park (Tony Smith) (2006), and her first public sculpture, Sculpture for Snow (2011). The latter was commissioned by Public Art Fund for their exhibition, A Promise Is a Cloud (2011–12), at MetroTech Commons in Downtown Brooklyn.

WATCH: Erin Shirreff & Tony Smith Go Way Back

IMAGES: Production stills from the New York Close Up film, Erin Shirreff & Tony Smith Go Way Back. © Art21, Inc. 2013.

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