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Kerry James Marshall, http://instagram.com/p/eIcLWHlYst/ Barry McGee, http://instagram.com/p/efmkE9lYuc/ Barry McGee, http://instagram.com/p/efnFUnlYvu/ Raymond Pettibon, http://instagram.com/p/efsavQFYpF/ Raymond Pettibon, http://instagram.com/p/efs1ObFYpw/ Raymond Pettibon, http://instagram.com/p/eftE4YFYqP/ Raymond Pettibon, http://instagram.com/p/eftPefFYqn/

New work from Art21 featured artists currently on view in New York City, via Art21 on Instagram.

TOP: Kerry James Marshall at Jack Shainman Gallery (through October 12)

SECOND ROW: Barry McGee at Cheim & Reid (through October 26)

THIRD AND FOURTH ROWS: Raymond Pettibon at David Zwirner (through October 26)

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