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"I like to think [of] the art space like a lab, where you can do anything."
—Diego Bianchi

Artist Diego Bianchi’s installation for the 13th Istanbul Biennial adopted the structure of a storefront and street stalls, inspired by the main entrance of the space, SALT Beyoğlu, being on a busy sidewalk. The artist encouraged viewers to interact with and alter the space through simple performances and mildly embarrassing rules.

Bianchi’s installation is featured in the latest film from Art21’s Artist to Artist series.

WATCH: Shahzia Sikander at the 13th Istanbul Biennial

IMAGES: Diego Bianchi, Market or Die (2013), installed at SALT Beyoğlu as part of the 13th Istanbul Biennial, 2013. Production stills from the Art21 Artist to Artist film, Shahzia Sikander at the 13th Istanbul Biennial. © Art21, Inc. 2013.

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