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"I don’t really get homesick, but I’ve noticed that I have this longing for this particular space, and I want to recreate that space or bring that space wherever I go. …I didn’t want to sit down and cry for home. I wanted to more actively deal with these issues of longing." —Do-Ho Suh

In a 2002 interview from the Art21 archives, artist Do-Ho Suh discusses his 1999 work, Seoul Home/L.A. Home/New York Home/Baltimore Home/London Home/Seattle Home—a replica of his parents’ house in Seoul, Korea, made entirely out of fabric.

READ: Do-Ho Suh: “Seoul Home/L.A. Home”—Korea and Displacement

IMAGES: Production stills from the Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 2 episode, Stories, 2003. © Art21, Inc. 2003.

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